Sandblast Etched and carved Glass Artworks.


48 x 24 Carved Fishtank on half inch th. glass.JPG 

   A 24" x 48" carved fish tank fireplace screen on 1/2" glass. you can see the different levels to show the features.  Screen is supported in a white oak stand. Before a flickering fire they seem to swim.  

$450.00 plus freight, tax in FL



Running Free 48 x 24 in. Carved Horses on half in. Glass.JPG

A 24" x 48" on 1'2" glass running horses fireplace screen, supported in a white oak stand. Watch them run when there is a flickering fire behind them

$ 450.00 plus freight, and tax in FL




Pegasus on 48 in. oval Table Wrought Iron Base.JPG

A 48' oval 3/8 " thick tabletop carved with a pegasus and a 1/2" single line border. The base is wrought iron also a part of my work. 

Table top $125.00 plus freight, tax in FL

wrought iron base $50.00



an oval table etched french curveborder and the mermaid.JPG

 48" oval  3/8" thick  tabletop, carved mermaid sitting on a rock and a french curve border.

                 Table top $125.00 plus freight. tax in FL 

wrought iron base $50.00 






4 shots_0199.JPG

21"diaeter 1/4 " th. Kalidascope carved, end tabletop.

$70.00 plus freight,Tax in FL

see base below



Maple Table Base 2.jpg

 Hand made cherry stained maple wood end table base. one of a kind.

$75.00 plus freight,Tax in FL




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